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Adtech company BuySellAds acquires Digg
It looks like Digg has found a new home: digital advertising company BuySellAds. While neither company has put out an official announcement, BuySellAds CEO Todd Garland confirmed the acquisition to Fast Company, and a company spokesperson told me, “It’s true.” Fast Company also reports that Digg’s technology team was not part of the deal. Garland seems […]
Source : | 26-Apr-2018 00:50

Rookout raises $4.2M for its rapid production debugging platform
Few people get into coding because they enjoy debugging, but since there’s no such thing as perfect code, issues inevitably pop up. Israeli startup Rookout is tackling one aspect of this by helping developers track down issues in production code without forcing developers to do any additional coding to write additional tests and re-deploy their […]
Source : | 26-Apr-2018 00:20

The FDA is cracking down on Juul e-cig sales to minors
The FDA has its eye on Juul Labs, the e-cigarette company that has captured nearly half of the $2 billion e-cig market. Yesterday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced a new initiative called the Youth Tobacco Prevention Plan. While the agency is focused on making sure kids don’t have easy access […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 23:44

Facebook warns GDPR could flatten or reduce European user count
Europe’s sweeping privacy law GDPR goes into effect May 25th, and Facebook is being forced to push users through new agreements to terms of service changes required to comply with the law. That’s why during today’s successful Q1 2018 earnings report call, Facebook CFO David Wehner warned that “we believe MAU or DAU might be […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 23:25

Facebook?s has connected almost 100M to the ?internet?
Facebook is getting the developing world online, even as the developed world criticizes its privacy practices. Mark Zuckerberg said today on Facebook’s Q1 2018 earnings call that “our efforts have helped almost 100 million people get access to the internet who may not have had it otherwise.” That’s up from 40 million in November 2016. […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 23:17

PayPal shares tick up after surpassing expectations for the quarter
PayPal reported its first-quarter results after the bell on Wednesday, sending shares up about 3 percent in after-hours trading, due to better-than-expected numbers. Adjusted earnings per share for the payments giant came in at 57 cents, above analyst estimates of 54 cents. Revenue for the quarter was $3.69 billion, up 24 percent from last year. […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 23:03

Ford to stop selling every car in North America but the Mustang and Focus Active
Ford today announced it will phase out most cars it sells in North America. According to its latest financial release, the auto giant “will transition to two vehicles” — the Mustang and an unannounced vehicle, the Focus Active, being the only traditional cars it sells in the region. Ford sees 90 percent of its North […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 22:52

Will Elon Musk give us the cyborg dragon we want, or the one we need?
It’s 2018. We need a stupid cyborg dragon. You know it, I know it. But only one borderline super villain billionaire is brave enough to actually build the damn thing. Elon Musk, who definitely doesn’t have too much time on his hands and more money than he can possibly spend in a lifetime, is finally […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 22:43

Qualcomm delivers a better-than-expected second quarter amid its chaotic year
Fresh off a massive cascading series of fiascos that has thrown the future of Qualcomm into doubt, the company managed to report a mostly positive first quarter and keep the stock from going into a further tailspin. Qualcomm has been under considerable pressure for a wide variety of reasons, the most obvious one of which […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 22:32

Facebook beats in Q1 and boosts daily user growth to 1.45B amidst backlash
Amongst massive criticism over data privacy, Facebook showed the resiliency of its advertising machine by beating Wall Street’s $11.41 billion revenue estimate in its Q1 2018 earnings report by raking in $11.97 billion in revenue with $1.69 EPS compared to the $1.35 estimate. Facebook added 48 million daily active users to hit 1.449 billion, up […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 22:09

Dolo delivers on the Foursquare prophecy of hyper-local tips
Dolo is the kindness of strangers as an app. Where’s the prettiest place in the park? What’s the best thing on the menu? How do I skip the line? Dolo lets you leave helpful suggestions for anyone nearby. The new social app launches out of beta today to augment the world with serendipitous tips from […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 21:36

Alexa integration comes to Meural Canvas, letting you use your voice to navigate the art world
Alexa can do just about everything if you ask it the right question in the right way. Today, it’s gaining a new skill, letting you move through artwork on the Meural Canvas digital artwork frame. The company’s $595 device lets you browse artwork from new and emerging artists as well as publicly available classics. One of […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 21:15

For the first time, parents will be able to limit YouTube Kids to human-reviewed channels and recommendations
To address parents’ concerns over inappropriate content on YouTube being seen by children, Google today is announcing an expanded series of parental controls for its YouTube Kids application. The new features will allow parents to lock down the YouTube Kids app so it only displays those channels* that have been reviewed by humans, not just […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 21:00

Netflix picks up ?Follow This,? a weekly series about BuzzFeed reporters
Netflix and BuzzFeed News are teaming up for a 20-episode documentary series called Follow This. According to Variety, the show will be less focused on breaking news and more on taking us behind the scenes to show how BuzzFeed News reporters put together specific stories. For example, in the clip below, BuzzFeed’s Scaachi Koul talks […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 20:59

Microsoft?s Azure Container Instances are now generally available
If you wanted to play modern software development buzzword bingo, talking about Azure Container Instances (ACI) would surely help you tick a few boxes. The service, which made its debut last July and which is now generally available, gives developers a serverless way to run Linux and Windows containers that frees them from having to […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 20:30

Rocketrip raises $15 million to reward cost-saving employees
If your company lets you expense the nicest hotel when you travel, why wouldn’t you? But what if you got to split the savings with your employer by selecting a less expensive hotel? A New York-based startup called Rocketrip believes most employees will opt to save companies money if they are incentivized to do so. It’s built […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 19:26

Google Cloud expands its bet on managed database services
Google announced a number of updates to its cloud-based database services today. For the most part, we’re not talking about any groundbreaking new products here, but all of these updates address specific pain points that enterprises suffer when they move to the cloud. As Google Director of Product Management Dominic Preuss told me ahead of […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 19:18

Netflix has a lot of original content coming in May
Get outside and enjoy the next few days of spring while you still can, because Netflix has plans to keep you on the couch throughout next month. The streaming giant is releasing 36 original titles over the course of May, including some notable series such as a new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Dear […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 19:07

Gfycat ramps up its focus on game clips and highlights as it hits 180M monthly users
Gfycat is already a pretty popular host for lots of content like short clips from shows and movies, but there’s also a pretty substantial store of content centered around gaming — which is why the company is starting to put some extra focus on it. Gfycat, which is centered around creator tools to make those […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 19:00

Apple TV and Android see increase in streaming video viewership in Q1
Conviva, a video AI platform with visibility into the streaming market through clients like HBO, Turner, Hulu, CBS, NBC, ESPN, BT and Sky, is reporting today 114 percent year-over-year growth in streaming video hours in Q1 2018, to reach nearly 5 billion hours of video viewing. Even though streaming is growing worldwide, North America saw […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 18:49

Xiaomi promises to give money back to customers if its profits get too high
Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker tipped for a public listing this year, has made a unique pledge: if it makes too much money, it’ll give a chunk of its profits back to its customers. Yes, that’s right. The company said today it will forever limit the net profit margins after tax for smartphones, smart home […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 13:08

WhatsApp raises minimum age to 16 in Europe ahead of GDPR
Tech giants are busy updating their T&Cs ahead of the EU’s incoming data protection framework, GDPR. Which is why, for instance, Facebook-owned Instagram is suddenly offering a data download tool. You can thank European lawmakers for being able to take your data off that platform. Facebook -owned WhatsApp is also making a pretty big change […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 12:24

New Harry Potter game, launching today, lets players enroll in Hogwarts
In the first step of what could be an endless exploration of the wizarding world of Harry Potter, the Los Angeles mobile games studio Jam City  is releasing its Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game on the App Store and Google Play. Developed in partnership with Warner Bros., the game will launch under Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s Portkey Games […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 12:01

Former Google China head targets AI opportunities with new $900M Sinovation fund
Sinovation Ventures, one of China’s prominent funds which is helmed by former Google China head Kaifu Lee, has announced a new investment fund that’s targeted at a total raise of $900 million. This newest fund is the firm’s fourth, and it promises to be its largest to date. Sinovation is a little different from other firms in […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 11:43

Sign up for Startup Alley in Tel Aviv
Hey startups! TechCrunch Tel Aviv 2018 is just about 6 weeks away, and we’re coming back to the Mediterranean for our inaugural day-long conference at the Tel Aviv Convention Center on 7 June. The agenda is now released and this year’s event will be bigger and better than ever. The conference is focused on mobility, […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 11:00

Opera launches a new mobile browser
Opera today announced a new mobile browser, Opera Touch, that shows that there’s still plenty of room for a competitor in the mobile browsing world. Opera Touch takes some ideas from the company’s experimental Opera Neon desktop browser and packages it into a highly usable package for Android, with an iOS version coming soon. It’s […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 10:00

Techtonic Group raises $2 million to transform tech hiring through apprenticeships
Where the two companies are using price arbitrage between the costs of developers in emerging markets and coders in the U.S., Techtonic Group is simply offering access to talent. The company’s program pitches itself not just as a development shop, but as a recruitment and training company connecting its clients with skilled entry-level talent. The […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 09:11

Say hello to the new Gmail with self-destructing messages, email snoozing and more
Today, Google is launching the biggest revamp of Gmail in years. The company is bringing to the flagship Gmail service many (but not all) of the features it trialed in Inbox for Gmail, and adding a few new ones, too. With those new features, which we first reported earlier this month, the company is also […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 09:01

Fat Lama, the online marketplace for renting out things you own, raises $10M
Fat Lama, the startup that offers a fully insured peer-to-peer rental marketplace for almost anything, is getting a little fatter. The London-based company has raised $10 million in Series A funding in a round led by Ophelia Brown’s recently outed Blossom Capital, with participation from Niklas Zennström’s Atomico and existing backer Y Combinator. Aiming to […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 09:01

Grab?s acquisition of Uber Southeast Asia drives into problems
The long-rumored Grab acquisition of Uber’s Southeast Asia business may be official now, but it’s far from complete. In fact, what should be a celebratory coming-of-age moment for the Southeast Asian local champion is threatening to become nightmarish thanks to persistent regulators, panicky Uber staff and reluctant drivers who are supposed to switch to Grab […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 08:11

Real-time developer tool startup Pusher pulls in $8M in Series A funding
Pusher, the London startup that provides tools and cloud infrastructure for developers to add real-time functionality to their apps, such as push notifications and messages, has pulled in $8 million in Series A funding. The round was led by London VC firm Balderton Capital, with participation from Heavybit, the San Francisco-based investor that specialises in […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 08:00

German insurance ?robo-advisor? Clark scores $29 million Series B
Clark, one of a plethora of so-called ‘insurtech’ startups offering something akin to a digital insurance brokerage all delivered through a convenient mobile app, has closed a hefty $29 million in Series B funding. The round was led by fintech investor Portag3 Ventures, and VC fund White Star Capital, with participation from a number of […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 07:00

Looks like Google is changing Android?s gun emoji into a water gun
Back in 2016, Apple swapped out the graphic used for its gun emoji, replacing the realistically drawn handgun with a bright green water gun. Just a few days ago, Twitter followed suit. And now, it seems, so will Google . The gun emoji on Android will likely soon appear as a bright orange and yellow […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 02:43

Facebook shuffle brings a new head of US policy and chief privacy officer
Trying times in Menlo Park, it seems: amid assaults from all quarters largely focused on privacy, Facebook is shifting some upper management around to better defend itself. Its head of policy in the U.S., Erin Egan, is returning to her chief privacy officer role, and a VP (and former FCC chairman) is taking her spot.
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 02:42

Particle brings an LTE cellular model to market for networked devices working off of 2G and 3G
Particle, a developer of networking hardware and software for connected devices, has released an LTE-enabled module for product developers. The new device specifically targets folks whose devices were reliant on retiring 2G and 3G networks, according to the company, and include built-in cloud and SIM support. Even as big telecom companies and vendors move ahead […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 00:57

Hidden Amazon page drops hints about a ?Fire TV Cube?
Rumors have been floating around for a few months now of a new device from Amazon that would mash-up the media streaming capabilities of its Fire TV line with the voice assistant abilities of the Echo. After leaked images turned up showing a cube-shaped device that seemed to fit the bill, people started referring to […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 00:33

Facebook and the perils of a personalized choice architecture
The recent Facebook-Cambridge Analytica chaos has ignited a fire of awareness, bringing the risks of today’s data surveillance culture to the forefront of mainstream conversations.
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 00:30

?Avengers: Infinity War? is an overstuffed adventure with a terrific villain
When I saw the first trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, I was really excited and really worried. Excited because, holy crap, there were so many characters. Iron Man! Captain America! Thor! Black Panther! Black Widow! The Vision! The Guardians of the Galaxy! And they were all going to be in a movie together! Worried because, […]
Source : | 25-Apr-2018 00:12

Vacation rental management service Guesty raises $19.75M
As the vacation rental sector heats up — with Airbnb making even more moves to expand its portfolio of services to include multiple tiers of rentals — there’s going to be more and more of a need for people who manage a large number of properties. Guesty is one service that aims to do that, […]
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 23:32

IoT ?conversation? and ambient contextuality
A few years back, I wrote about the way we communicate with our technology. It was obvious even then that a big game-changer would be enabling a reliable conversational interaction with technology in order to overcome the friction humans experience when we use our modern tools, be they apps, phones, cars or semi-autonomous coffee makers. Too much typing and swiping and app management crowds our experiences with our connected “things.”
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 22:00

Digit?s first move beyond saving money is a feature to pay down credit card debt
Digit, the developer of a wildly popular automatic savings mobile app, is moving beyond its core business with a new feature enabling users to pay down credit card debt from their Digit account. Announced earlier today, the new Digit Pay service uses savings in a Digit account to pay off credit card debt for any […]
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 21:54

New numbers illustrate how fast fundraising has changed for young startups
Fundraising is never easy, but it’s even harder when the goal posts are being moved around. Such is the challenge facing today’s youngest startups, which are looking at very different fundraising metrics than new startups did just six or seven years ago. We explored the issue yesterday with Peter Wagner, who spent more than 14 […]
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 21:48

MobileCoin, a cryptocurrency from the creator of Signal, just raised $30M for mobile payments
A new privacy-centric cryptocurrency project with some big names on board just raised a round worth noting. On Tuesday, the team at MobileCoin announced that Binance Labs, the major blockchain incubator associated with the Binance exchange, led a $30 million round denominated in bitcoin and ether for the new cryptocurrency. MobileCoin will enjoy “priority consideration” […]
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 21:36

Four MIT students have launched DeepBench to democratize access to expert networks
New European financial regulations requiring fund managers at investment firms to pay banks for research and trading services separately could open the door for new entrants in the professional advisory services marketplace. The rules, which were approved in 2014, but only took effect in January, are proving to be a boon for four MIT students who launched a company last year to try and grab some of the market.
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 21:30

Kogan: ?I don?t think Facebook has a developer policy that is valid?
A Cambridge University academic at the center of a data misuse scandal involving Facebook user data and political ad targeting faced questions from the UK parliament this morning. Although the two-hour evidence session in front of the DCMS committee’s fake news enquiry raised rather more questions than it answered — with professor Aleksandr Kogan citing […]
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 20:26

Voyage open-sources autonomous driving safety practices
Voyage, the self-driving car spin-out from Udacity, is open-sourcing its approach to autonomous driving safety. This comes at a time when autonomous driving programs are under intense scrutiny following two fatal crashes — one involving Tesla’s Autopilot and the other involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona. Meanwhile, Voyage has successfully deployed five Level […]
Source : | 24-Apr-2018 20:11

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