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Not another AI post
 This post is about a better world brought by human ingenuity. It’s about a human opportunity, an invitation to founders and investors in advanced economies to come and help us change the lives of billions of humans. Come join the movement to help mankind move forward for a better, fairer future. It’s time! Read More
Source : | 27-Feb-2017 01:00

Cash is no longer king
 The idea of a cashless society is one of the topics that stirs up a heated debate when it comes to the digitalization of banking and society. While the anonymity of cash acts as an enabler for the illegal economy, many fear that the lack of said anonymity will inevitably lead to an Orwellian society where individual freedom is limited. Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 21:00

Sony surpasses expectations, selling 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets in first four months
 Turns out there might actually be money in VR hardware. Since going on sale just four months ago, Sony details to the NYT that the company has sold 915 thousand of its virtual reality headset, the PS VR. The article also details that Sony had originally set internal goals to sell one million headsets in the first six months of sales, a number that the company seems well-positioned to meet… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 21:00

Samsung will be giving smartphones another try on March 29
 After the corporate garbage fire that was the Note 7 reveal, Samsung has been left with a smartphone business with far less certain success in its future. After months of awful press and the worst PR shit storm we’ve seen in years, Samsung is ready to give its smartphone line a new messiah. In the midst of their Mobile World Congress keynote, the company sent out invites to its… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 20:25

Samsung just proved it doesn?t need the world?s largest mobile conference anymore
 Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona. By most metrics it’s the largest conference in the world dedicated mostly to mobile technology and gadgets. And Samsung just punted. Mobile World Congress needs Samsung more than Samsung needs Mobile World Congress. Samsung just held its MWC press conference and what’s interesting is what wasn’t announced: The Galaxy S8.… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 20:16

Samsung announces updated Gear VR headset with handheld controller
 Samsung’s mobile virtual reality effort, the Gear VR, has been an important product to the company in terms of drumming up excitement around the company’s innovation on next-gen platforms. Since the earliest version of the headset was first announced in 2014, we’ve seen a few largely incremental updates to the company’s VR platform. Today, we see another. At Mobile… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 20:09

Samsung shows off a 5G router for the home
 We knew Samsung would be launching a tablet or two at tonight’s big Mobile World Congress kick off event, but it turns out the company also had a couple of other surprises of its sleeve. The Galaxy maker kicked things off with a handful of 5G and infrastructural announcements, including a new 5G Home Router. Samsung didn’t offer much in the way of news around the  the device,… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 19:46

Listen to Andy Hertzfeld on Steve Jobs movie, General Magic, and his time at Google
 Last week I caught up with Andy Hertzfeld, a Silicon Valley legend who really shouldn’t need an introduction. Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 19:39

Inside Forward, ex-Googler Adrian Aoun?s idea for the doctor?s office of the future
 Forward, a new type of futuristic doctors office launched its first location in the heart of San Francisco’s financial district at the beginning of this year. Some in the health industry have had their doubts about a doctor’s office with propriety tools like a body scanner, stethoscope and its own in-house lab. So we asked founder and former Googler Adrian Aoun to show us around… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 19:05

Motorola does the unthinkable and unveils gadget concepts
 The gadget world is stale and boring now. Phones look the same. Action cameras copy GoPro, headphone companies copy Beats. Most electronic companies are overly cautious about going to far. Vaporware can kill momentum. Yet today Motorola threw its arms in the Spanish air and said fuck it. During its Mobile World Congress press event, the company basically said here are some products we might… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 19:01

Samsung is doubling down on tablets with the Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Book
 Mobile World Congress could have been Samsung’s big moment to put 2016 behind it once and for all with a brand new flagship handset. Instead, the company is using the world’s biggest smartphone show to debut two distinctly different – yet decidedly Samsungy — takes on the largely staid tablet space. The company was certainly up front about the fact that the Galaxy S8… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 19:01

Watch Samsung?s MWC conference live right here
 Samsung’s press conference at MWC in Barcelona is happening today. The conference starts at 7 PM CET (6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST). You can also check out our liveblog to get our commentary on Samsung’s news. Last year, the company unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. While Samsung said that the Galaxy S8 isn’t just ready yet, you can still expect a bunch of new… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 18:02

Nokia and HMD reboot the Nokia brand across mobile and smart home
 Today at Mobile World Congress HMD held a press conference in Barcelona to showcase its newest Nokia-branded phones. Nokia also provided an update on its Ozo VR camera and its smart home business. Nokia unveiled its Ozo, their 360-degree camera for virtual reality. Nokia also talked about Withings, which it owns, and its plans for healthcare. Withings products are dropping their branding… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 18:02

Nokia and BlackBerry are betting on smartphone nostalgia
 Ten years ago, Nokia and BlackBerry were flying high. Both were among the most trusted and purchased names in mobile, only to have those numbers drop off a cliff, when a single handset came along and changed the game forever. The brands share similar trajectories over the past decade, filled with foot dragging and belated attempts at reinvention, and this week at the world’s largest… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 18:00

Motorola picks Amazon?s Alexa as its voice assistant
 From ‘Hey Alexa’ to ‘Hello Moto’… Motorola has announced a partnership with ecommerce giant Amazon that will see the latter’s voice assistant tech embedded natively into most of Motorola’s devices in future. Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 17:37

Nokia 3310 returns as HMD reimagines a classic (and Snake)
 HMD hopes that its licensing of the Nokia brand brings in the punters for what might otherwise be viewed as three very vanilla Android phones, but at the same time it’s also announcing another new handset that plays into another side of its brand strategy. Today, it unveiled the 3310, a small “candy bar” feature phone that is a reimagining of one of the classic Nokia… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 17:30

HMD unveils 3 Android smartphones in Nokia clothing
 Nokia, the mobile phone brand that arguably created as well as led the mobile phone market for many years, once died a tragic death, first the victim of its own arrogance at being the early leader; then the victim of Apple and Google and their domination in smartphones; and then dealt the final blow by Microsoft, who acquired it but failed badly at trying to resuscitate the brand in its… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 17:29

Why 2017 will be the year of the industry cloud
 2016 was another year of impressive growth in the Enterprise cloud software space: Last year there were 31 cloud software companies that were publicly held and commanded a market capitalization north of $1 billion. 2016 also was notable because cloud companies with businesses aimed at vertical industries became juicy buyout targets for large horizontal software companies. Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 17:00

Goodbye Withings, hello Nokia
 Say goodbye to Withings. It’s been less than a year since Nokia completed its acquisition of the French smart devices maker and now it the Withings brand is about to be sunset. Withings’ devices and software will be rebranded under the Nokia banner later this summer. Withings’ existing line of smart watches, blood pressure monitors, thermometers and cameras will all come… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 16:55

LG?s new phone to launch eventually, cost money
 LG just announced a new phone. It’s like the last one but slightly better looking, a bit faster, and it will be available sometime and cost money to buy it. The company took the wraps off the phone during a press conference at a trade show. There was pop music, teleprompters and a long PowerPoint presentation. At one point during the presentation, a company executive described the screen. Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 13:19

LG unveils the G6, swapping modularity for a widescreen and waterproofing
 The modular G5 was a novel device, but novelty alone doesn’t sell phones. So LG went back to the drawing board for its followup, and the result is, on a whole, a fairly straightforward flagship smartphone. The LG G6 is a good looking handset, but not an especially remarkable one, with design language that brings to mind fellow flagships like the Galaxy S7. The company’s big… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 13:00

Google Assistant, its AI-based personal helper, rolls out to Nougat and Marshmallow handsets
 Google continues its march to expand its place in the mobile ecosystem, anchored by the fact that its Android OS is by far the most ubiquitous smartphone platform in the world. Today, the company announced that it would be rolling out Google Assistant, its conversational search and AI-based personal helper (and answer to Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa), to smartphones… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 13:00

LG is right, phones need to focus on usability instead of battling it out over specs
 The big news about the LG G6 is its screen. Not big in the phablet sense (which isn’t to say, of course, that 5.7 inches isn’t substantial), but big as in wide, with an unusually large 18:9 aspect (read: 2:1). But aspect ratios are a tough sell, particularly when your company is reeling from the failure of last year’s modular handset, the G5. Still, the company actually made… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 12:54

Watch LG unveil the G6 live right here
 LG’s press conference at MWC in Barcelona is today. The conference starts at 12 PM CET (11 AM GMT, 6 AM EST). Rumor has it that LG is about to announce a new flagship phone, the LG G6. This time, it won’t be a modular phone. It’s going to be a regular phone, but with a giant display that nearly fills the entire body of the phone. You can check it out live via LG’s… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 11:06

BlackBerry tries again
 Remember when Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones set the bar? My first smartphone was a BlackBerry 7130e. I loved the phone. And then my son gave it a bath in a ginger ale. The 7130e had it all: A scroll wheel, Java apps, a keyboard and a swappable battery that would last for days. That phone came out in 2005 and I had mine until 2009. Ironically, Research in Motion started… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 10:18

Snap supporters find a scapegoat in Jeremy Liew
 A couple of days ago, the New York Times wrote a story that aims to explain why Snap founders Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy have retained such a hold on voting power in the company — power that its shareholders will not enjoy. It’s a great account and wonderfully written by a reporter I respect greatly. But I don’t quite buy it. According to four sources who spoke to… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 03:23

Investors pour $2 million more into booze marketplace Drizly
 Boston-based Drizly used to be known as the on-demand delivery app for alcohol. More recently, the company evolved into a marketplace that helps brick-and-mortar liquor stores to connect with and sell to customers nearby through web and mobile commerce. The Drizly app shows shoppers different prices on the beer, wine and liquor that they’re looking for at local shops, along with… Read More
Source : | 26-Feb-2017 00:11

Conversational AI and the road ahead
 In recent years, we’ve seen an increasing number of so-called “intelligent” digital assistants being introduced on various devices. Although the technology behind these applications keeps getting better, there’s still a tendency for people to be disappointed by their capabilities — the expectation of “intelligence” is not being met. Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 23:00

Live from Samsung?s 2017 MWC press conference
 A very happy Mobile World Congress to you and yours. The world’s largest smartphone show is still a couple of days from its official kick off, but there’s plenty of news to be had this weekend. Samsung will be taking the stage tonight in Barcelona to show off – well, not the Galaxy S8. That much we seemingly know for sure. The company announced a few weeks back that… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 22:32

Uber employees are chatting with each other about Uber?s leadership on anonymous workplace app Blind
 Uber employees have flocked to an anonymous workplace app called Blind as a sort of catharsis since ex-Uber engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti posted about being propositioned and discriminated against while working for the company, according to Blind’s founder Alex Shin. Rigetti’s explosive post went viral late Sunday night, leading to more than double an increase of Uber employees… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 21:16

The BlackBerry Mercury is now the KeyOne
 If you thought the BlackBerry Mercury had a bit of a codename vibe to it, you weren’t wrong. Today at Mobile World Congress, TCL officially took the wraps of its first true BlackBerry handset, now going by the admittedly less sleek KeyOne (pronounced “key one,”) name. Though I suppose when your company is attempting to plant its flag firmly in the world of enterprise, sexy… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 20:00

If Trump wants an easy policy win, he should focus on funding smart cities
 As America’s cities continue to grow, they face mind-boggling challenges: worsening traffic, increasing pollution, expensive housing, aging infrastructure and strained services. These challenges can only be solved by harnessing the power of big data, machine learning and other technology. Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 19:00

Gillmor Gang: Howlin? Wolves
 The Gillmor Gang — Michael Arrington, Keith Teare, Kevin Marks, Frank Radice, and Steve Gillmor. Recorded live Friday, February 24, 2017. Plus the latest G3 with Elisa Camahort Page, Francine Hardaway, Mary Hodder, and Tina Chase Gillmor. @stevegillmor, @arrington, @kevinmarks, @kteare, @fradice Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor May I see your passport please. Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 19:00

Watch BlackBerry unveils a brand new phone live right here
 TCL, the company that now makes BlackBerry phones, is holding a press conference at MWC in Barcelona. The conference starts at 7 PM CET (6 PM GMT, 1 PM EST, 10 AM PST). We already got a sneak peek at the device during CES back in January. And it’s everything BlackBerry fans love — yes, I’m mostly talking about the physical keyboard. You can check it out live via… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 18:24

Everything we know so far about Uber?s sexual harassment scandal
 Former Uber engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti’s story of sexual harassment and HR complicity at the company has drawn a lot of attention from the outside world as many relate to her frustrations and the broader systemic culture of sexism that manifests itself across the tech industry. In the days since Rigetti published her account, decisions have been made both inside and outside of… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 17:00

Veeva defied detractors when it launched a cloud life sciences biz a decade ago
 It’s safe to say that Veeva is not a household name, but 10 years ago this month the company launched the first of a set of enterprise tools, like content management and CRM, designed for the unique requirements of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. You have to remember, this was a fairly revolutionary notion a decade ago when very few companies were running enterprise… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 15:07

Crunch Report | Tesla and Rollercoasters
Waymo is suing Otto and Uber for allegedly stealing its trade secrets, Layer gets more funding and acquires Cola, a major Cloudflare bug leaked sensitive data from customers’ websites and Elon Musk addresses unionization concerns at Tesla. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 05:00

How to secure your data after the Cloudflare leak
 Cloudflare revealed yesterday that a bug in its code caused sensitive data to leak from some of the major websites that use its performance enhancement and security services. Uber, Fitbit, OkCupid and 1Password are among Cloudflare’s millions of clients, and it’s possible that personal data such as passwords and cookies leaked from many client websites during the five months… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 01:47

Super Smash Borg Melee: AI takes on top players of the classic Nintendo fighting game
 You can add the cult classic Super Smash Bros Melee to the list of games soon to be dominated by AIs. Research at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory has produced a computer player superior to the drones you can already fight in the game. It’s good enough that it held its own against globally-ranked players. Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 01:26

The NBA gets high-tech with virtual reality, drones and big dreams
 This past weekend, something kind of incredible happened; basketball aficionados from across the globe were able to don high-tech goggles to live-stream stereoscopic virtual reality of a highly paid athlete receiving a bounce pass from a custom-designed drone to perform a highly technical slam dunk. This is the NBA in 2017. New technologies have always played a major role in how sports… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 01:14

Announcing the Startup Battlefield Scholarship Fund for Disrupt NY 2017
 After the success of the Startup Battlefield Scholarship Fund at Disrupt SF and Disrupt London, we are pleased to announce that we will once again be offering scholarships to Startup Battlefield companies at Disrupt NY 2017, taking place May 15-17. Startup Battlefield is TechCrunch Disrupt’s startup competition that takes place three times a year. Applications to participate in… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 01:00

Uber says it?s ?absolutely not? behind a smear campaign against ex-employee Susan Fowler Rigetti
 Uber is under attack once again today as the Twittersphere quickly concluded it was behind a smear campaign against a former engineer for the company, Susan Fowler Rigetti, who dropped a scathing blog post earlier this week detailing sexual harassment claims while working at Uber over the course of a year. Rigetti tweeted today people were being contacted for “personal and intimate… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 00:42

DARTdrones pitches Shark Tank to build a flight school for drone pilots
 Entrepreneurs who pitch on ABC’s Shark Tank typically make packaged goods and apparel. Occasionally, the high tech breaks through. XCraft, the company behind the PhoneDrone Ethos, scored a rare investment from all of the judges on the ABC show last spring, for example. And tonight, drones are once again flying “in the Tank” as DARTdrones seeks funding to build… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 00:34

Smart cities must be people-centered, equitable cities
 Technology has always been a critical force deeply intertwined with the evolution of cities. The development of smart cities builds upon this strong historical foundation with a digital foundation that allows cities to function more efficiently, be more responsive to community members and ultimately create better, more equitable urban environments where people thrive. Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 00:00

Extra early-bird ticket deadline extended until March 3
 Want to attend Disrupt NY 2017 but missed the early bird ticket deadline? You’re in luck! We’re giving you a few extra days to get your hands on deeply-discounted extra early-bird Disrupt tickets, so you now have until Friday, March 3 to purchase. Extra early-bird tickets will set you back just $1,795 apiece, a full $1,200 off what they’ll cost at the door. You can get… Read More
Source : | 25-Feb-2017 00:00

Any headphones can be Bluetooth headphones with Jack
 When Apple decided to strip its flagship phones of the headphone jack, certain people were angry. Those relying on the headphone jack for non-music things were grumpy, but so were those of us who had recently dropped hundreds of dollars on new, high-end headphones. Jack — a Kickstarter campaign in its final hours — offers reprieve to both groups. Read More
Source : | 24-Feb-2017 22:36

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