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Tencent to open AI research center in Seattle
 Chinese tech conglomerate Tencent will be opening a new AI research center in Seattle, according to The Information. The company has long had a core office in Palo Alto, but this will be its first major machine intelligence R&D effort in the country. Earlier this week Tencent announced that it would open its first data center in Silicon Valley.  Yu Dong, formally of Microsoft Research,… Read More
Source : | 29-Apr-2017 01:03

Yik Yak shuts down after Square paid $1 million for its engineers
 Yik Yak cofounders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington published a farewell note to users on Friday, announcing they would shut down their once-popular anonymous social network this week. The app allowed people to connect with other users within a certain radius, and was widely marketed in and used on college campuses. According to an SEC filing issued on April 16th, Square, has agreed to… Read More
Source : | 29-Apr-2017 00:56

Data management startup Rubrik confirms $180M round at a $1.3B valuation
 Rubrik, a startup that provides data backup and recovery services for enterprises across both cloud and on-premises environments, has closed a $180 million round of funding that values the company at $1.3 billion. The news confirms a report we ran earlier this week noting that the company was raising between $150 million and $200 million. IVP (as we noted sources told us might be the case) led… Read More
Source : | 29-Apr-2017 00:11

Auto site Carvana tumbles 26% in stock market debut
 Carvana, the site for buying and selling cars, had a rough first day in the public markets. After pricing its IPO at $15 per share, it ended the day down 26 percent, at $11.10. Bankers typically recommend a price that would cause the shares to go up about 20 percent or so on the first day. But Carvana maximized every last dollar in its $225 million offering, at the cost of new investors. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 23:28

California orders RydenGo to shut down its website
 On April 13, the state of California issued a cease and desist letter to RydenGo, saying that the company had to take down its website. The letter stated that the ride-hailing startup was operating without a permit from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The problem with the order, according to RydenGo CEO Michael Pappas, is that the company is not yet operating. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 22:54

Cloudera finishes up 20% in stock market debut
 After pricing its IPO at $15 per share, Cloudera, the enterprise big data company, closed the day up more than 20 percent, at $18.09. This also is above the range of $12 to $14 for which Cloudera was preparing. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 22:15

Apple offers feedback on California?s proposed driverless testing rule changes
 Apple has offered feedback to the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) concerning its proposed new rule changes regarding autonomous vehicle testing on state roads. The formal feedback provided by Apple is relatively short and to the point, contained in a letter submitted to the DMV and embedded below, signed by Apple Director of Product Integrity Steve Kenner (who also authored… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 21:46

Microsoft hires former FTC figure for new privacy role
 On Friday, Microsoft announced that it will create a new role for former Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill. Brill will take the lead on privacy, data protection and regulatory issues at Microsoft as the corporate vice president and deputy general counsel for its Privacy and Regulatory Affairs group. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 21:42

Tumblr just added a switch in the iOS Settings that lets you turn the porn back on
 Here’s an interesting change: Tumblr’s iOS application just received an update which now lets you turn on or off adult-oriented, NSFW search results just by toggling a switch in iOS’s Settings. That’s right: you can now switch on or off the Tumblr porn with ease. Weirder still, Tumblr’s note about the change in the App Store update text says this was… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 21:23

Exploring Virtualities, a Utah VR arcade and theater startup taking over a dying mall
 Virtualities founder Ryan Burningham has a new idea for abandoned retail spaces — VR. VR theaters and arcades like Virtualities are starting to pop up in warehouses and other empty spaces around the U.S., including Burningham’s startup, located in what used to be a Hot Topic on the second floor of the Gateway Mall on Salt Lake City’s west side. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 21:17

Elon Musk teases Tesla electric semi truck, up to 4 new Gigafactory locations
 Elon Musk was on stage at the 2017 TED Conference in Vancouver on Friday, and he revealed some of his tunnel work and aspirations, but he also talked about a few ongoing Tesla projects he’s referenced before. The multi-CEO showed a shadowy image that gives us our first look at what his forthcoming electric Semi Truck will look like, and also let drop the suggestion that Tesla will… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 21:03

NSA ends controversial collection of Americans? emails that mention foreign targets
 Privacy advocates are finally getting (a little bit) of what they want. Friday, The New York Times reported that the NSA will end its practice of collecting texts and emails by American citizens sent or received by individuals abroad that mention foreign surveillance targets. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 20:53

Watch how Elon Musk?s Boring Company tunnels will move cars faster
 Just what does Elon Musk’s Boring Company want to accomplish? This might be our clearest picture yet – a video shown during Musk’s TEDTalk from Friday morning, which includes a rendering of a future underground transit network where cars travel on crisscrossing layers of tunnels that include sleds shuttling vehicles around on rails at around 130 mph. Musk’s vision… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 20:33

Weekly Roundup: FCC?s plan to revoke net neutrality, Uber defends tracking practices
 Two new unicorns are born, Uber faces two lawsuits and the FCC unveils its proposal to revoke net neutrality. These are the top tech stories you need to know this week. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 20:32

Deep Sentinel raises $7.4M to bring deep learning to home security
 Deep Sentinel, a home security startup, today announced that it had closed a $7.4 million Series A led by Shasta Ventures with participation from Bezos Expeditions, Lux Capital and UP2398. Founded by serial entrepreneur David Selinger, Deep Sentinel is betting that its emphasis on user experience can provide needed differentiation in the crowded space. Over tea in the… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 20:09

The Awair Glow is a nightlight that senses ? and reacts to ? bad air
 There are plenty of air quality sensors out there but so far the Awair Glow is the only sensor I’ve found that can do something about nastiness in your environment. The Glow is a small plugin nightlight that connects to an iOS or Android phone and lets you turn on a fan or air purifier if certain conditions are met. The device is quite compact – it’s about as big as a… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 19:56

Report: Content recommendation companies Taboola and Outbrain are in advanced merger talks
 Taboola and Outbrain — two content recommendations companies that employ roughly 500 people, were formed the same year (2006) and have each raised substantial sums of venture capital — are in advanced merger talks, reports the Israeli news outlet Calcalist. The deal isn’t final, but the two companies have moved past many of the sticking points that ended earlier talks. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 19:04

Plug and Play launches a fintech accelerator in Paris
 Plug and Play is launching a new accelerator based in Paris. This time, the company is partnering with French bank BNP Paribas and focusing on fintech startups. The first batch of startups has just been picked. Plug and Play has launched multiple accelerators with a different business model than most accelerators. Instead of taking some equity in exchange of what you get from the… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 18:22 Rox lets app developers deploy new features safely ? just like the big guys do, a company that had developed technology that allowed mobile app developers to update their apps without having to go through the App Store approval process, is now entering a new business after Apple cracked down on apps using its software. Today, the former TechCrunch Disrupt Battlefield finalist has transitioned to a new product that allows developers to selectively roll out… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 18:00

Equity podcast: Earnings clown car and the profitable-ish Dropbox with Hunter Walk
 Welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture-capital focused podcast where we unpack the numbers behind the narrative. Homebrew’s own Hunter Walk joined us for this episode along with co-hosts Katie Roof, Matthew Lynley and myself. This week has been a delightful clown car of technology earnings, so we dove into Twitter’s surprisingly strong report that drove its share… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 18:00 reportedly partners with Apple Music for its music snippets
 According to a new report from Recode, is about to release a new update to its mobile app with a major change. The company is switching from 7digital to Apple music for its music catalog.’s video social network app has skyrocketed last year, raising $100 million at a $500 million valuation and reaching 40 million monthly active users. And yet, the app is mostly used… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 12:18

Didi Chuxing, the Uber of China, confirms $5.5B raise for global and AI push
 After weeks of reports that Didi Chuxing, the Uber of China, was raising another monster round of funding, today the company confirmed the close: it has raised a fresh $5.5 billion, it said in a statement today, to continue global expansion and to invest deeper into emerging areas like artificial intelligence to bring more advanced systems to its transportation service. The company… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 11:25

Google Wifi now available in Canada
 Google Wifi, the mesh router that Google unveiled first last October, is now on sale in Canada. The router sells either individually for $179 CDN, or in a 3-pack for $439 CDN, which is pretty close to U.S. pricing given current exchange rates. The Wifi solution’s mesh networking approach means it can seamlessly pair with other units to extend coverage throughout a house, without… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 11:00

Netflix is playing down the significance of its first major distribution deal in China
 Netflix has played down the significance of its first major licensing deal in China, news of which was announced this week. The company’s share price surged nearly six percent after it announced that it had agreed to a distribution deal with iQiyi, one of China’s largest video portals which was started by internet giant Baidu. The news was first revealed at the APOS 2017 event… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 09:32

Investors are betting 3DR can find life after Solo as a drone data platform
 An early player in drone-tech, 3D Robotics Inc., announced that it has raised $53 million in a Series D round of funding on Thursday, including new equity funding and conversion of debt equity. Atlantic Bridge led the round joined by Autodesk Forge Fund, True Ventures, Foundry Group, Mayfield and other undisclosed investors, according to the company statement. The company didn’t break… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 08:52

Cloudera and Carvana, tech?s next two IPOs, both price at $15 per share
 Another day another IPO(s). Due to the recent success of public offerings from companies like Yext, Okta and Snap it seems the time is now for startups to go public. And tomorrow we have two IPOs that are weirdly similar when you look at the numbers. Both will offer the same amount of shares for the same price on the same exchange, and even sound alike – Carvana and Cloudera. I… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 07:18

Crunch Report | China?s Didi Chuxing Valuation Hits $50B
Didi Chuxing is valued at more than $50 billion, SiriusXM acquires Automatic for more than $100 million, Apple Music wants to be Apple Video with the next iteration of the app focused on video and Everfi raises a $190 million round. All this on Crunch Report. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 05:00

Meet Nintendo?s new $150 2DS XL console, launching July 28
 Nintendo has a new handheld video game system it released pretty much out of the blue on Thursday. The 2DS XL is basically a 3DS XL without the 3D, with a smaller physical footprint for more portability, but with the same size large, dual displays you’ll find on the 3DS XL. The new console hits store shelves July 28, so we’ll still have to wait a while to get our hands on one, but… Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 04:46

For OpenGov, President Trump is proving a boon for business
 OpenGov, a company whose software helps local governments keep transparent financial records, has been picking up speed in a variety of ways, and co-founder and CEO Zac Bookman traces some of that momentum to the election of Donald Trump as U.S. president. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 02:25

How to comment on the FCC?s proposal to revoke net neutrality
 The FCC has made its initial proposal as to how it intends to do away with net neutrality — and despite what leadership there has said, that’s definitely how the proposed rules read. You are free to make your thoughts known on the notice of proposed rulemaking, as it’s called, and here’s how to do it. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 01:38

MIT?s giant mobile 3D printer can build a building in 14 hours, and some day it may be headed to Mars
 At first glance, the Digital Construction Platform looks as awkward as its name. The system is actually a giant, mobile 3D printer, and the MIT team behind it believes it could help revolutionize home construction both here on Earth and other planets in the distant future. Read More
Source : | 28-Apr-2017 00:16

A salute to Nintendo?s Genyo Takeda, retiring after 45 years of innovation in gaming
 Few at Nintendo can say they saw the company’s start as a video game company, and fewer still have had as much influence as Genyo Takeda, co-creator of several of the company’s most memorable (and durable) innovations. He’s retiring today, and I just wanted to mark the occasion. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 23:43

Uber?s Anthony Levandowski out as Advanced Technologies lead amid legal fight
 Uber’s Anthony Levandowski, who founded Otto and then became head of Uber’s Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) once Otto was acquired by the ride sharing company, is stepping aside from his role as head of ATG. The move comes as Uber continues a legal fight with Waymo, which began as Waymo accused Levandowski of using trade secrets stolen during his time at the then-Google… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:59

Google brings ?Hamilton? experiences to students in the theater and virtual reality
 Yesterday, Google’s philanthropic arm,, gave 5,000 high school students across the country a chance to see the smash hit Hamilton: An American Musical. All of this was possible thanks to an $800,000 grant from the company which worked in collaboration with the Gilder-Lehrman Institute to cap off the students’ six-week unit on the founding of America with a matinee of… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:55

Microsoft meets expectations with $23.6B in revenue, Azure revenue up 93%
 Microsoft just reported earnings for the last quarter. The company reported non-GAAP revenue of $23.6 billion and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.73. Wall Street’s cadre of crack analysts expected the company’s earnings per share to come in at around $0.70, with revenue hitting about $23.6 billion. In the year-ago quarter, Microsoft reported earnings per share of $0.62. Wall… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:18

Facebook lets content owners claim ad earnings of pirated videos
 Facebook finally has a better solution to freebooting — the common practice of stealing video and uploading it to one’s Facebook Page to reap the engagement and audience growth. This way if an infringing video includes a new mid-roll ad break Facebook is testing, the revenue will be sent to the content’s owner instead of the uploader who stole it. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:15

Amazon blows past earnings expectations
 Amazon reported first quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday. The company shattered earning expectations, reporting $1.48 per share, when Wall Street was expecting $1.12. Net income stood at $724 million. Revenue came in at $35.71 billion, above the $35.30 billion that analysts were forecasting and up 23% from last year. Shares quickly soared 5% in initial after-hours trading. However… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:13

GoPro?s financials improve thanks to Karma drone, cost reductions
 GoPro posted earnings in line with analyst expectations today, reporting a non-GAAP loss of 44 cents per share on revenues of $218.6 million. That is an improvement from a loss of 63 cents per share and revenues of $183.5 million in the year-ago quarter. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:13

Alphabet?s efforts beyond search are ballooning into their own huge businesses
 Alphabet’s advertising business seems to be following the same pattern these days — but its operations beyond that look like they are beginning to grow into strong businesses in their own right. The company reported its first-quarter earnings today that outperformed what Wall Street expected, with its advertising business once again continuing to generate an enormous amount of money. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:12

How to fix the blockchain ?fail whale? problem
 If you’ve spent any time on the internet over the past several years, you’re no doubt familiar with the “fail whale” that plagued Twitter in its formative years. Users would log in, only to be shown a graphic of a whale with the message: “Twitter is over capacity.” Twitter’s fail whale problem came down to scalability, which is the same issue… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 22:00

Snapchat will no longer show a white border around old Memories
 Snapchat will no longer show that annoying white border around old photos that you share from Memories. Previously, if you shared a photo from Memories that was more than 24 hours old it would have a white border around the image. The border ended up annoying users who didn’t want their snaps altered, sometimes to the point where they would decide not to share the old content at all. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 21:49

Another iPhone 8 leak hints at wireless charging
 Slowly but surely, we’re getting hints about the next iPhone from multiple leaks. Today’s new image from @OnLeaks shows that the next iPhone could feature wireless charging. In this iPhone schematic, it’s easy to spot a rounded surface at the back of the device, indicating that there should be a conductive surface to charge the device. I know what you’re thinking… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 21:44

Smartwatches need to distinguish themselves with software as well as hardware
 If I had to give companies looking to enter the smartwatch space in 2017 one piece of advice, it would be, simply: don’t. Failing point one, due to investor pressure or the spirit of a long dead financial partner’s ghost visiting you in the night, seriously consider building your own operating system for the thing. It sounds like a few extra steps and a whole lot of trouble, but… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 21:43

The FCC?s anti-net neutrality proposal is a giant question mark
 Yesterday the FCC’s chairman, Ajit Pai, put existing net neutrality rules on notice, saying that the agency would continue to protect consumers — but with a lighter touch. Just how he plans to do that, however, is an open question. The notice of proposed rulemaking released today is full of questions: some reasonable, some rhetorical and some desperate. And you get to answer them. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 21:39

Tech employees quit their jobs mostly because of unfair work environments, study says
 Life isn’t fair. Work’s not fair. Tech isn’t fair. So it’s no surprise that unfairness or mistreatment is the most frequently cited reason for leaving a job in tech, according to the Kapor Center for Social Impact’s Tech Leavers Study. Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 21:30

Google search on iOS will now help you find TV shows, movies and music on streaming services
 Google is today launching an update for iOS users that will make it easier to find media content — like TV shows, movies and songs — on various streaming services and content marketplaces, including iTunes, Hulu, Amazon Video, Google Play, YouTube, Spotify and others. The feature, which is still rolling out, will show you the icons for the services where the content… Read More
Source : | 27-Apr-2017 21:12

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