Scenes at a Street Corner


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This animation aims to simulate outdoor scenes under various weather conditions.

Technical Information

Note the following techniques: displaying beams and fog effects, and buildings and sky colors taken account of atmospheric conditions such as particles and aerosols.

  • Hardware: Sequent S81, IRIS 4D/70GT, and IRIS 4D/120GTX
  • Software: In house software

More Information...

  • Bibliography :

    K. Kaneda, T. Okamoto, E. Nakamae, T. Nishita: "Photorealistic Image Synthesis for Outdoor Scenery under Various Atmospheric Conditions," The Visual Computer, Vol. 7, No. 5-6, pp. 247-258 (1991).

  • Abstract :

    A method for creating realistic images is proposed from the view point of displaying simulation results when designing a building in which various weather conditions are taken into account. So far, in order to create realistic images for interior design, the concept of radiosity as ambient light including spectral distribution has been developed. The method can display not only the brightness but also the hue and saturation of color. In contrast, for designing a building sky light has been treated as ambient light, in which the brightness under various weather conditions could be calculated, but the influences on the hue and saturation of color were ignored. The proposed method creates realistic images considering the brightness, hue and saturation under various atmospheric conditions by taking into account the spectral distribution of both direct sunlight and sky light. Views of buildings including the influences of the particles in the atmosphere, i.e. clouds, fog, and beams, are useful for design not only of new buildings but also of new city areas.

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