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Technical Information

Softimage sur Silicon Graphics

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  • Bibliography :

    Gabby Animator : a revolution 3D animation

  • Abstract :

    Gabby Animator is a quality facial animation software with an extremely friendly user interface.
    Gabby Animator is the simplest and most powerful 3D facial animation software on the market.
    Without captors and without keyframes, Gabby Animator lets you do what you want with your creations in real time. Gabby Animator is truly magical!
    Thanks to itís unique interface, you can manipulate your characters interactively and in real time.
    Producers and directors will find that Gabby Animator is the ideal tool since it allows non-animators a direct influence on the quality of the animation.
    For TV series work or commercials, Gabby Animator saves you time and increases your productivity by a factor of 10 or more.

    How does Gabby Animator work?
    You prepare a model (hierarchy + 3 mouth positions + expressions) You integrate these elements into the system with Gabby Design You record your text You open Gabby Animator and to the automatically lip-synched animation, you add, in real time

    • the expressions you want
    • the amplitude of the pronunciation
    • movements of the lips, eyebrows, eyelids, eyes, etc.
    • rotation, translation, size changes
    • color changes, etc.

    When youíre happy with the result, you record in the format used by any of the major 3D animation softwares. The animation splines can be easily integrated into any scene.


    • demo   Imagina 96 19/02/96
    • beta version   Spring 96 21/03/96
    • version 1.0   Siggraph 96 06/08/96

    Compatability with Silicon Graphics Irix 5.3 and Windows NT

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