Particle Dreams

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  • Karl Sims
    • Country : USA
    • Biography : Karl Sims received a B.S. in Life Sciences from M.I.T. in 1984. After working at Thinking Machines Corporation for a year be returned to M.I.T. to study graphics and animation at the Media Laboratory and received an M.S. in Visual Studies in 1987. He then joined the production research team at Whitney/Demos Productions in California, and later became co founder and director of research for Hollywood based Optomystic. He currently works once again at Thinking Machines Corporation as a research scientist and artist in residence. His works of animation include Particle Dreams, Excerpts from Leonardo's Deluge, Panspermia,Primordial Dance... He presented at 94 Siggraph his Evolving creatures.

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This piece contains a collection of dream sequences which were created using 3D particle systems techniques. An explosion, a snowstorm, a tumultuous head, and a waterfall were each procedurally animated using particle systems behavior description language. Data-parallel computation was used to perform physical simulations on thousands particles simultaneously, one virtual processor for each particle.

Technical Information

  • Sound: Robert Moore, BLC Sound
  • Hardware: Connection Machine System CM-2

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  • Bibliography :

    Sims, K., "Particle Animation and Rendering Using Data Parallel Computation", CG (Siggraph '90 proceedings), Vol.24, n4, August 1990, pp.405-413.

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    First 89 INA Research Pixel Prize

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