Forest Fire Simulation


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  • Geoffrey Y.Gardner
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    • Biography : Dr Geoffrey Y. Gardner has been a Senoir Staff Scientist at Northrop Grumman Data Systems Division since 1986. He has been working in the field of Computer Graphics since 1976.


  • Northrop Grumman Data

Project : Data Systems Division Technology Department

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Forest Fire propagation is simulated using fractal ellipsoids driven by a heurisyic dynamic model. An elliptical region of fire is defined oriented in a specified wind direction of the wind and is proportional to its speed. Fire, smoke and trees are modeled with ellipsoids whose shading and translucence are modulated by a 3-D fractal texture function, which simulates a naturally- random Gaussian mass distribution in each ellipsoid. All smoke ellipsoids are textured with the same pattern which moves downwind with the ellipsoids. Fire flicker is simulated by moving a second fractal pattern rapidly over stationary fire ellipsoids.

Technical Information

This simulation was performed using proprietary software written in Fortran running on a Silicon Graphics Personal IRIS 4D/25G workstation.

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