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Send in the Clouds


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  • Northrop Grumman Data

Project : Data Systems Division Technology Department

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Cumulous cloud development is simulated using fractal ellipsoids to model the clouds. The ellipsoids are positioned and scaled by a heuristic dynamic model based on the "parcel" theory, which describes cloud development in terms of air bubbles heated by external sources such as radiated terrain heat. As a bubble of air is heated, it expands and rises into the cooler atmosphere above until it reaches an altitude where moistures condenses to form a cloud. The condensation releases heat within the bubble and the process continues to a point of equilibrium.

Technical Information

This simulation was performed using proprietary software written in Fortran running on a Silicon Graphics Personal IRIS 4D/25G workstation.

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    Dr.Geoffrey Y.Gardner has been a Senior Staff Scientist at Northtrop Grumman Data Systems Division since 1986. He has been working in the field of Computer Graphics since 1976.

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