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This work is Eiji Takaoki personal image about future design

Technical Information

  1. Modeling software : Metaeditor (Meta Corporation Japan)
  2. hardware : NW3831 (SONY)

More Information...

  • Bibliography :

    "On Metaball and Metabollism", 1992 Imagina proceedings pp VII 7-12

  • Abstract :

    "When you want to make a human face using polygons, you need a huge number of primitives. On the otherhand, if you employ metaballs, only about 100 primitives will be needed.
    Metaball is a primitive used in Computer Graphics. It has a distribution function that consits of parts of a parabola. Conventional metaball has a certain error. The algorithm of Metaball was developped by Omura Group in Osaka University. Coincidentally, J.Blinn independently reported a similar concept, but he used Gaussian distribution. CG artist, Y.Kawaguchi uses metaball very effectively.
    Super metaball, developped in our laboratory, includes normal metaball with less errors and eccentric metaball. The latter has the other parameters: eccentricity and the direction of peak density center. The equidensity surface of a normal metaball is always concentric, while in an eccentric metaball, the center of the equidensity surface moves to the peak density center the degree of fusion is different between one side and the other. eccentricity (ecc) is 0.0 < = ecc < 1.0 eccentricity is 0.0 where the metaball is just same as normal metaball."

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