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Pete Davidson Is Largely Absent From ?Saturday Night Live?
Davidson made only brief appearances in the final live show of 2018, hours after publishing an Instagram post that elicited concern about his safety and well-being.
Source : | 16-Dec-2018 08:47

What?s on TV Sunday: ?Miss Universe? and ?Rocky?
Steve Harvey hosts “Miss Universe” once again. And here’s a chance to relish in the underdog story that is “Rocky.”
Source : | 16-Dec-2018 07:00

Pete Davidson of ?Saturday Night Live? Is Accounted For After Alarming Instagram Post
The police said he was accounted for at work after he posted a troubling message on Instagram that began: “I really don’t want to be on this earth anymore.”
Source : | 16-Dec-2018 00:44

The Octomom Has Proved Us All Wrong
Her children thriving, a onetime tabloid curiosity prepares to tell all.
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 12:18

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads
Ellen DeGeneres is not as nice as you think. Your apps aren’t keeping your location secret. Our most popular recipes of 2018. And more.
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 11:00

What?s on TV Saturday: ?Pete Holmes: Dirty Clean? and ?Life of Crime?
The comedian Pete Holmes returns with a second HBO stand-up special. And the dark comedy “Life of Crime” arrives on Amazon Prime.
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 07:00

The Director James Wan: If ?Aquaman? Doesn?t Work, Blame Me
He took on this film thinking the superhero had few fans. Then some other DC movies didn’t excite the public; now the new one faces unexpected pressure.
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 02:00

Irwin Hollander, Master Lithographer Who Revived Fine Art, Dies at 90
Mr. Hollander persuaded Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell and other Abstract Expressionists to try their hands at lithography at his Manhattan workshop. Their proofs became some of his best work.
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 01:14

Review: Writer of ?Nassim? Makes a New Best Friend at Every Show
Nassim Soleimanpour, who remains silent throughout, invites a different actor to join him onstage at each performance and star in his unrehearsed play.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 22:43

Church Leaders Sue Princeton Over ?Stolen? Manuscripts
In a lawsuit, officials of the Eastern Orthodox Church say the university has four manuscripts that were looted from a monastery in Greece in 1917.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 22:14

Joyce Theater?s Spring Season Brings Australians and Cunningham Celebration
An Australia festival is to include Lucy Guerin; Compagnie CNDC-Angers/Robert Swinston and others perform for Merce Cunningham’s centennial.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 21:33

How Much Watching Time Do You Have This Weekend?
Our TV critic Margaret Lyons has three great ideas for what to watch, including a Canadian comedy, a French rom-com and a returning favorite.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 21:31

?Downton Abbey,? Oprah and More: 7 Things to Know in Pop Culture This Week
What you need to know from this week’s TV, music and movie news.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 21:30

Médine, le rappeur pugnace qui donne et rend les coups
Après les attaques reçues par des activistes d’extrême-droite, Médine a annulé deux concerts qui devaient être le bouquet final de sa tournée. Mais il affirme ne pas vouloir être vu comme une victime.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 21:27

That Decisive Moment: Best Recordings of 2018: The Week in Classical Music
Our list of our favorite albums of the year and the New York debut of a young string quartet were among the highlights.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 20:51

Inside the List: Seeing Double on the Shelves
Book titles can’t be copyrighted, and that led to a recent dust-up on social media.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 19:38

Playlist: The Playlist: David Byrne?s Paranoid Party, and 10 More New Songs
Hear new tracks by Avril Lavigne, Robin Thicke, American Football and others.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 19:15

Critic?s Notebook: Springsteen on Netflix, Where Everyone Can Get a Ticket
This Netflix film gives a straightforward, unadorned, up-close experience of Bruce Springsteen’s solo show, and it doesn’t cost a month’s rent.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 19:01

Nitehawk Prospect Park Is Finally Ready, Promising Art-House Movies (and Cleaner Floors)
Expanding from its Williamsburg location, Nitehawk has taken over the Pavilion in Park Slope, a notoriously decrepit theater that closed in 2016.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:39

Did Dvorak?s ?New World? Symphony Transform American Music?
History books have long asserted that the symphony was the first to make classical music “sound American.” But it’s not true.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:18

Critic?s Pick: Review: The Inspired Poetry of Gandini Juggling
In “Smashed,” Gandini Juggling seems to invent a new genre using elements of the dance theater of Pina Bausch and others.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:05

?Godzilla,? ?Downton Abbey? and More: This Week?s Trailers
“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” offers a strong look at its battling title stars; the big-screen version of “Downton Abbey” is short on specifics.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 17:45

Encounters: Zachary Levi of ?The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel? Embraces His Inner Geek
Browsing Midtown Comics with the star of the forthcoming “Shazam!” (Yes, fanboy selfies were taken.)
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 17:09

?Capernaum? Is Not Just a Film, but a Rallying Cry
“Capernaum” explores the plight of a child in the Beirut slums. The director Nadine Labaki wants to harness the drama’s power to help other such children.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 16:00

A Word With: Eric McCormack Has Two Passports. And Two TV Lives to Match.
McCormack discusses his time-leaping Netflix series, “Travelers,” getting political with “Will & Grace” and life in Canada and the United States.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 16:00

The Week in Arts: ?Hard Nut,? Bruce Springsteen and Decoding Arias
Mark Morris’s riotous and poignant take on ‘The Nutcracker’ returns to the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 14:00

Past Oxford?s Dreaming Spires, an Artist Shows a Different View
A new exhibition by the artist Penny Woolcock shows that, contrary to tourist clichés, England’s famous university city is blighted by poverty and inequality.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 13:13

Why Painting Isn?t as Elitist as You Might Think
It keeps the top end of the art market bubbling. But it’s easier for anyone with an internet connection to engage with a painting than a performance or a piece of video art.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 12:34

Best of Late Night: Stephen Colbert Takes on Trump?s Friendship With Tabloid Publisher
Stephen Colbert ran down revelations from the Russia investigation, while Jimmy Kimmel joked about the White House’s canceling of a holiday party for the news media.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

Children?s Books: Winter Holiday Treats For Picture Book Readers
A snowplow who works all night long, a naughty kid who breaks his mom’s favorite ornament, a fox hunting for a winter meal, and more in the season’s standout picture books.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

New in Paperback: ?A Kind of Freedom,? ?Secrecy World?
Six new paperbacks to check out this week.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

Poetry: A Poetry Collection That Opens Up Like a Cabinet of Curiosities
J. Michael Martinez’s “Museum of the Americas” takes on the white gaze, colonial trauma and Mexican migration.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

The Shortlist: In Recent Poetry Collections, Weapons Made of Words
In these four deeply political, deeply personal books, poets grapple with some hot-button issues of the day.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

POETRY: Bertolt Brecht: Poet and Communist
“The Collected Poems of Bertolt Brecht,” translated and edited by Tom Kuhn and David Constantine, brings together more than 1,000 poems.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

Poetry: He?s a Legend of Contemporary Poetry. There?s Finally a Volume of His Collected Work.
In poems that cajole, beguile, praise and evoke, Robert Bly makes the case that poetry should be near the center of life.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

The Saturday Profile: A Dissident Chinese Novelist Finds Echoes of Mao, and Orwell
Ma Jian, one of the sharper observers of contemporary China, though living in exile for 30 years, says this era resembles that of the Cultural Revolution.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

Poetry: For an Ohio Poet, Love Is What Gets Us Through
Marcus Jackson’s first collection, “Pardon My Heart,” celebrates the way deep emotion unfogs and energizes the experience of living.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

Poetry: Poems About Loss That Shatter Meaning and Borders
“Be With,” by Forrest Gander, plumbs death and grief with an alertness to the fragility of life — and of language.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:00

?Mortal Engines?: How the Filmmakers Created a Roaming London
The makers of this science fiction film discuss what was required to turn a sprawling city into a giant R.V.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 10:16

Their Art Raised Questions About Technology. Chinese Censors Had Their Own Answer.
Several artworks that looked closely at the implications of biotechnology and artificial intelligence have been banned from an art festival in southern China.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 10:00

In German Theaters, Classic Movies Become Plays
Several new productions this season take their cues from European film classics from the 1960s and ’70s, with adaptations of Visconti, Bergman and Polanski.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 08:24

What?s on TV Friday: ?Roma? and ?RuPaul?s Drag Race All Stars?
Catch “Roma,” which our critics are calling one of this year’s best movies, and watch the queens return to strut their stuff in “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars.”
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 07:00

CBS Paid the Actress Eliza Dushku $9.5 Million to Settle Harassment Claims
Ms. Dushku told investigators she was written off the hit series ‘Bull’ after enduring sexual harassment on the set. Lawyers scolded CBS for its ‘antiquated’ views.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 04:10

Critic?s Pick: Review: A Broadway ?Mockingbird,? Elegiac and Effective
Glossy and bristling with fine performances, this adaptation of the 1960 Harper Lee classic gets the Aaron Sorkin treatment.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 03:45

Harrison David Rivers Wins 2018 Relentless Award
The playwright took the prize for “The Bandaged Place,” about an abusive relationship between two gay men.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 00:40

Taylor Swift Said to Use Facial Recognition to Identify Stalkers
A security consultant told Rolling Stone that at a concert, a device took fans’ photos for comparison with a database of potential stalkers.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 00:30

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