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Simthetiq Provides Key Components in US BOSS Contract

MONTREAL, Canada (February, 2013) Simthetiq has recently finalized the sale of 3D simulation entity models for the Boom Operator Simulation System (BOSS) being produced by FAAC Incorporated for the Air National Guard (ANG). Their highly realistic and fully exploitable models will be a central part of the BOSS training program.

The BOSS is a high fidelity trainer for ANG boom operators that replicates the KC-135R Block 40 boom pod. The BOSS provides a realistic simulation environment that utilizes highly immersive 3D models from Simthetiq with simulation software and an emulation of the actual aircraft boom controls provided by FAAC. The system is intended for squadron level training to be co-located with operational KC-135 air refueling wings.

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Source : | 04-Apr-2013 15:04

Immersive Technologies Launches New Fuel Efficiency Technology to Reduce Miner's Cost per Ton

Immersive Technologies has launched a fuel efficiency technology aimed at giving mine management an affordable way to address the challenges of rising fuel costs and environmental responsibility.  This technology is embedded in an upgrade to Immersive Technologies' leading range of Advanced Equipment Simulators. It is designed to give mining equipment operators the skills and knowledge they need to operate in a productive manner while assessing and eliminating behaviors that cause excess fuel consumption.

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Source : | 04-Apr-2013 14:10

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