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Hulk Hogan's Legal Leg Drop Sets Precedent for Celebrity Journalism

Famed wrestler Hulk Hogan's $140 million trial verdict against Gawker Media for publishing a tape of him having relations with his best friend's wife and using racially offensive language, sends a clear message that despite the proliferation of Internet journalism, social media, paparazzi, and the 24 hour news cycle, celebrities are still entitled to privacy in their most intimate moments - at least for now. Hogan secured the victory in Florida state court.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 23:21

Time Inc is hiring a bacon critic for its new breakfast site because journalism

Time Inc, the publisher of iconic brands like Time , Fortune and Sports Illustrated , unveiled a new breakfast and brunch-focused online publication Wednesday called Extra Crispy . How it's possible that Time Inc didn't call its new breakfast vertical Breakfast Time is certainly beyond me, but moving right along.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 19:03

JK Rowling involved in 'freedom of speech' Twitter spat with SNP MP

JK Rowling has become embroiled in a 'freedom of speech' spat with Pete Wishart MP on Twitter after the SNP MP criticised a journalist's tweet. The Harry Potter author asked Mr Wishart 'if trying to intimidate journalists he disliked was SNP policy or a personal vendetta?' after the MP for Perth and North Perthshire tweeted STV about the views of journalist Stephen Daisley.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 14:23

A hole in the heart of American journalism

Toward the end of his life, the great and not altogether high-minded press baron Joseph Pulitzer sought to advance the idea that journalism should become a profession, akin to law or accounting, but devoted to the public interest. He lived in an age of concentrated wealth and technological disruption.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 10:18

The fabulist who changed journalism

Janet Cooke, a reporter for The Washington Post, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize April 13, 1981, for feature writing with a story about an 8-year-old heroin addict. She later returned the Prize when it was discovered the boy did not exist.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 06:14

Virginia AP reporter Steve Szkotak dies at age 65

The Syracuse native worked as an editor and reporter at the AP for 14 years, covering the environment and a host of other issues. Steve McMillan, the AP's news editor for the Richmond bureau, said Szkotak was "a gifted storyteller who elevated the level of journalism here in Virginia."

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 02:01

Internet, Web Enjoy One Final Day as Proper Nouns

Internet and Web are enjoying one final day as proper nouns before they're downgraded in written form to the more generic "internet" and "web." The changes go into effect on Wednesday with the new edition of the AP Stylebook, a manual followed by many journalists, offering a comprehensive guide to the usage of words, style, spelling and punctuation.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 02:01

Virginia AP reporter Steve Szkotak dies at age 65

Steve Szkotak, a versatile and prolific AP journalist who covered the environment and a host of other issues, died Tuesday. He was 65. Szkotak worked as an editor and reporter at the AP bureau in Richmond for 14 years, eloquently putting a human face on stories about watermen, Civil War buffs, criminals and crime victims, public figures and all manner of regular folks.

Source : | 01-Jun-2016 02:01

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