Réalité virtuelle, application à la chirurgie des scolioses


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  • B.Peuchot
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    • Biography : Bernard Peuchot, aged 42, Doctor Engineer, Computer Science Lecturer at the CUST, Clermont- Ferrand Researcher at LASMEA, CNRS URA 1793, Université Blaise Pascal, Clermont\II, in the field of Artificial Vision.
      Main subjects: detection of primitives in images, reconstruction and monitoring of objects, Virtual and Augmented Reality.
      Applications to robotics and, in the medical field, to surgical assistance, in liaison with Professor Alain Tanguy, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire, Hôtel-Dieu, Clermont-Ferrand.
  • A.Tanguy
  • M.Eude


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Virtual Reality As An Operative Tool During Scoliosis Surgery

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    Virtual Reality As An Operative Tool During Scoliosis Surgery Imagina's Proceedings pp262 1995

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    Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformation process of the spinal column which therefore requires three-dimensional correction. Several limits posed by current technology make this objective unattainable. The first step to be made consists of evaluating vertebral displacements under the action of surgical corrective forces. On this subject, we have already published a highly precise measurement method, based on video monitoring of vertebral displacements. Results of these measurements cannot be displayed on a screen, as this introduces major perceptive discontinuity for the surgeon, who must divert his gaze from the operating field to look at the screen. To make up for this substantial drawback, a new approach to virtual reality is presented here. Specific apparatus produces a three-dimensional computer generated image of the vertebrae, which is superimposed on the visible part of the incriminated vertebrae, and is thus directly located in the surgeon's field of view. Human vision characteristics (focusing distance, convergence of left and right vision axes, interpupillary distance) have been studied and modeled to guarantee optimal coherence between the computer graphics and real vision of the operation field. This solution considerably augments visual perception and three-dimensional control of the surgical correction being implemented.

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    LASMEA URA 1793 les Cézeaux 63177 Aubière cedex, France
    Adress :
    LASMEA URA 1793 les Cézeaux 63177 Aubière cedex, France

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