Facial animation and ageing


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    Facial animation model including wrinkles and ageing

    Technical Information

    Merge of different techniques: physical model with splines

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    • Abstract :

      The observation of details, such as expressive wrinkles, marks of aging, and conversational signals in the speech, is an important feature of understanding human faces. We propose here a facial animation system integrating such details. We first deform a reference wrinkle mask, built as a spline surface, to match each observable wrinkle of a particular face. A dynamical system controls then facial animation : we associate with this spline mask a mesh of springs and define forces corresponding to each muscle of the face. In our system, expressive wrinkles are modelled geometrically and linked to the system of forces. The shapes of the bulges vary also according to a parametrized function related to the age of the human whose face is being modelled. We present a simulation of the three phenomena which make peoples faces older : persistence of expressive wrinkles, face shapes changes (depending on gravity and skin loosening), and skin texture changes (with the outbreak of micro-wrinkles). Automatic speech animation is calculated according to speech-rate, coarticulation, speaker's dominant emotion and sentence intonation. This method-yields a smoother and more natural facial animation.

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