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How Mick Jagger and Martin Scorsese brought 1970s New York to TV
Martin Scorsese tells Jane Mulkerrins how, with Mick Jagger’s help, he’s recreating the Manhattan music scene of 1973 for new HBO series Vinyl
Source : | 07-May-2016 00:16

Jilly Cooper hits out at 'fatal' impact of local government cuts to libraries
Cooper, who has an OBE for services to literature, has attacked David Cameron for allowing more than 350 libraries to close across Britain
Source : | 29-Mar-2016 15:17

The 20 best TV chefs
As James Martin leaves Saturday Kitchen, Michael Hogan counts down the all-time best small-screen cooks
Source : | 26-Mar-2016 13:46

Alas, poor William
Telegraph View: Perhaps the tale is true that Horace Walpole, the dilettante antiquary, had Shakespeare's skull stolen to order
Source : | 24-Mar-2016 07:35

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl backs teen band banned from practising in their garage due to noise
Dave Grohl writes to Cornwall Council in bid to overturn youngsters band practice ban
Source : | 23-Mar-2016 21:12

10 on-screen couples who couldn't stand each other in real life
Just because your on-screen characters love each other, doesn't mean you can stand the person who plays them
Source : | 23-Mar-2016 11:00

The Kray twins: unseen pictures of Ronnie and Reggie
Described as the most dangerous men in Britain, the Ronnie and Reggie Kray were never shy about posing for the cameras. And as these unseen images show, they revelled in their reputations right from the start. These photographs, which feature in a new book on the brothers, were drawn from the private collections of friends of the Krays. The book: The Krays From the Cradle to the Grave has been released in what would have been the twins' 80th year.
Source : | 23-Mar-2016 09:26

TV hunks through history
Well, hello Mr Darcy: a look at TV hunks through history
Source : | 22-Mar-2016 19:45

Money men in films: picture special
Look at 10 great films about money men and Wall Street, including Rogue Trader
Source : | 22-Mar-2016 16:46

15 best poetry books of all time
World Poetry Day: From Shakespeare to Seamus Heaney, there's something for everyone in this list of the best poetry collections of all time
Source : | 21-Mar-2016 09:19

Artists take to the walls to regenerate parts of London
The first ever Paint Your London sees a group of artists cover walls across the area with 20 creative and colourful murals
Source : | 20-Mar-2016 16:38

Game of Thrones' Kit Harington says he plays Jon Snow's dead body in new season
Actor has been photographed on set for season six of the fantasy drama but insists he was playing a corpse
Source : | 20-Mar-2016 11:47

Video games and superheroes turn boys onto ballet
The Royal Academy of Dance appears to have cracked the age-old problem of persuading boys to take up ballet lessons - using video game characters and superheroes as role models
Source : | 20-Mar-2016 09:00

Video games and superheroes turn boys onto ballet
The Royal Academy of Dance appears to have cracked the age-old problem of persuading boys to take up ballet lessons - using video game characters and superheroes as role models

Source : | 20-Mar-2016 09:00

Bruce Willis: his life and career in pictures
As Bruce Willis celebrates his 61st birthday, here are some of his most memorable moments
Source : | 19-Mar-2016 12:33

New Rolling Stones song unearthed after spending 50 years in a man's loft
A previously unknown song by the Rolling Stones has been discovered after languishing in a loft for nearly half a century
Source : | 18-Mar-2016 13:42

25 great closing lines in films
Martin Chilton looks at some great final lines to movies
Source : | 18-Mar-2016 09:14

Abandoned pharmaceutical factory used as 'canvas' by street artists
Abandoned pharmaceutical factory used as 'canvas' by street artists
Source : | 17-Mar-2016 16:52

The Who in pictures: 1964-2016
The British rock band, who formed in 1964, are headlining the 2016 Isle of Wight Festival
Source : | 17-Mar-2016 12:44

The 2016 Sony World Photography Awards: National Awards winners revealed
Local photographic talent has been given a global platform by the world’s biggest photography competition, the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards. The awards, produced by the World Photography Organisation, present the winners of its National Awards programme, designed to uncover the best single shot taken by a local photographer across 60 countries.
Source : | 16-Mar-2016 12:45

Raiders of the Lost Ark, review: 'cracking'
Steven Spielberg's 1981 movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, which starred Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, remains a thrilling action adventure film
Source : | 15-Mar-2016 08:24

Woman causes 7,000 damage to friend's painting after row over handbag
Gillian Kings had been storing the artwork at her home for Caroline de Havillande – the estranged wife of a former property tycoon
Source : | 14-Mar-2016 14:57

Bob Hope: his 20 best one-liners
Martin Chilton picks some of Bob Hope's finest one-liners
Source : | 14-Mar-2016 10:04

Stevie Wonder: 20 essential songs
Here are 20 essential songs from the Motown prodigy
Source : | 14-Mar-2016 09:20

Radio 3 announces controversial shake-up of jazz programming
Its new controller aims to branch out from its old classical music remit
Source : | 13-Mar-2016 23:00

Whisky Galore!, review
This beloved British film is a first-rate nostalgia trip
Source : | 13-Mar-2016 12:27

Writers competing with the next Scandi noir, says Ian Rankin
Rebus author Ian Rankin says British writers are kept firmly on their toes by the increased competition
Source : | 12-Mar-2016 23:49

You couldn't make up a politician like Donald Trump, says man behind House of Cards
Lord Dobbs, creator of House of Cards, says what goes on in politics in real life is unbelievable at times
Source : | 12-Mar-2016 23:44

Thirties crime fiction has spared more women a grisly end
Trend for brutal misogynistic killings in decline as retro book covers see classic 1930s crime becoming fashionable again
Source : | 12-Mar-2016 23:31

Battle of the big budget dramas as Channel 4's Indian Summers goes up against Le Carre and Trollope
The new series of Channel 4's Indian Summers opens on Sunday evening, going up against the BBC's acclaimed The Night Manager and ITV's Doctor Thorne
Source : | 12-Mar-2016 22:00

George Martin 'always kept the love of innovation' which made the Beatles great, says artist who painted his last portrait
Sir George Martin, who died last week at the age of 90, never lost his sense of enthusiasm and wonder about new things – according to an artist who painted the last known portraits of the legendary Beatles producer
Source : | 12-Mar-2016 21:00

20 great Scottish films
From Braveheart to Trainspotting, 20 great films set in Scotland
Source : | 12-Mar-2016 12:28

Rocker Keith Emerson dies in suspected suicide
Emerson was widely considered one of the top keyboard players of the progressive rock era
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 22:18

Five Children and It to be made into new film
The film is to star a CGI sand fairy and Bill Nighy as a newly-created baddie and have youngsters who crave YouTube followers
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 22:05

Grantchester criticised for using same extras
Fans spot same extras in many of the Cambridge street scenes in Grantchester
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 21:11

The best British political insults and putdowns
Here is a history of political insults and putdowns, from Churchill to Cameron and Corbyn
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 15:18

Coen Brothers films in pictures
As Hail, Caesar! opens, we look at the film career of Joel and Ethan Coen, including Fargo, True Grit and No Country for Old Men
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 15:10

Ken Adam: the man who drew the Cold War
Ken Adam flew an RAF fighter over Germany during the Second World War. But nothing terrified him more than his 'psychoanalysis' sessions with Stanley Kubrick, or building Blofeld's immense HQ for 'You Only Live Twice'. Horatia Harrod meets the ace film designer in his lair.
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 10:15

Bobby McFerrin's doo-wop ? Don't Worry, Be Happy
The son of pioneering African-American opera singers, McFerrin temporarily deviated from his serious musical background to record this reggae-inflected overdubbed ode to cognitive therapeutic thinking.
Source : | 11-Mar-2016 09:31

Why I have guilty admiration for Laurence Fox's expletive-ridden rant
He'd like to deny it, but Fox is a bit of a posh boy. Everyone knows toffs use the most shocking language - at least it was only during a play
Source : | 10-Mar-2016 18:19

Laurence Fox apologises after launching foul-mouthed attack at theatre heckler
The actor changed his final speech, in a live performance, to rebuke a man sitting in the front row who had apparently snubbed him
Source : | 10-Mar-2016 10:44

The 20 best Chuck Norris facts
Chuck Norris was born on March 10, 1940. Here are 20 bizarre facts about the tough guy actor
Source : | 10-Mar-2016 08:34

The Odd Couple, film review: 'hilarious'
What Neil Simon's The Odd Couple so charming is the comic interplay between Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon
Source : | 10-Mar-2016 08:05

Sacha Baron Cohen: 30 best lines
We count down the creator of Ali G and Bruno's 30 best quotations
Source : | 09-Mar-2016 21:30

Family of new Countryfile Diaries presenter are 'thrilled' with her new role
Keeley Donovan's mother said her grandparents love seeing her on television
Source : | 09-Mar-2016 20:51

Paul McCartney pays moving tribute to Beatles producer and 'second father' George Martin
Paul McCartney pays tribute to the creative genius of Sir George Martin, crediting the producer with introducing the Beatles to new instruments, sounds and recording techniques
Source : | 09-Mar-2016 12:18

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