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Epic sheathes Infinity Blade after Fortnite fan backlash
Epic, the maker of the insanely popular, cross-platform first-person shooter online game Fortnite, has ‘fessed up to a gameplay misstep when it dropped a super powerful new weapon into the battle royale arena earlier this month — triggering a major fan backlash. Complaints boiled down to it being unfair for the overpowered weapon to exist […]
Source : | 16-Dec-2018 12:20

The business case for serverless
Zack Kanter Contributor Zack Kanter is the co-founder of Stedi. More posts by this contributor Why Amazon is eating the world While serverless is typically championed as a way to reduce costs and scale massively on demand, there is one extraordinarily compelling reason above all others to adopt a serverless-first approach: it is the best […]
Source : | 16-Dec-2018 00:30

Cydia shuts down purchasing mechanism for its jailbreak app store
Years after becoming one of the go-to destinations for iOS jailbreaks, Cydia’s app store is disabling purchases. Users will be able to access existing downloads through the store and access purchases via third-parties, but beginning this week, they’ll no longer be able to buy apps through the store. Founder Jay “Saurik “ Freeman revealed the […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 22:23

The limits of coworking
It feels like there’s a WeWork on every street nowadays. Take a walk through midtown Manhattan (please don’t actually) and it might even seem like there are more WeWorks than office buildings. Consider this an ongoing discussion about Urban Tech, its intersection with regulation, issues of public service, and other complexities that people have full […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 19:07

California says all city buses have to be emission free by 2040
On the heels of a dire government report published last month about climate change and its devastating impacts, many cities and states are scrambling to find ways to curb the greenhouse gas emissions that threaten their air quality, not to mention their economies. As is often the case, California is leading the charge, yesterday becoming […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 18:58

Tony Hawk goes mobile
For three years, Tony Hawk has been conspicuously absent from the video store shelves. For most game developers, that’s little more than a blip between titles. When your name and face are attached to 16 titles in 15 years, however, everyone starts to notice when you’re gone. “It’s usually the first topic of discussion with […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 18:00

Workers protest outside Minnesota Amazon warehouse
Yesterday afternoon, Somali-American workers marched outside of Amazon’s Shakopee, Minnesota fulfillment center, chanting “hear our voice.” Estimates of the exact number of marches vary from source to source, but The Minneapolis Star Tribune puts it at around 100. It’s a fairly familiar refrain for the company, after years of reports about questionable working conditions. Some […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 16:19

Discord announces 90/10 revenue split for self-published titles on upcoming games store
After gaming chat app startup Discord announced in August that they were building out a games store, today, they’ve detailed that they’ll be pursuing a very competitive 90/10 revenue split for self-published titles in 2019. In addition, the company revealed that they now have 200 million active users on their chat app, up from 130 […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 01:36

Apple is producing new content about Snoopy and other Peanuts characters
Apple has signed a deal with DHX Media that will see the Canadian broadcaster producing new shows, specials and short films about Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang. That includes exclusive short-form content for Apple starring astronaut Snoopy, aimed at getting kids excited about STEM. Peanuts was created by Charles Schulz, […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 01:12

Facebook restructures Building 8, separating projects into Reality Labs and Portal groups
Facebook is restructuring its experimental hardware efforts and giving its moonshot projects a home within its AR/VR research division. The restructuring, reported by Business Insider (paywalled), didn’t result in any layoffs but did see some shifts of teams as the old Building 8 group rebranded to Portal and some projects moved to the former Oculus […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 00:35

Propel raises $12.8M for its free app to manage government benefits
Propel, maker of the Fresh EBT app for managing food stamps and other benefits, announced today that it has raised $12.8 million in Series A funding. Fresh EBT (the EBT stands for the Electronics Transfer Benefit card, which is how food stamp participants receive their benefits) allows users to check their food stamp/SNAP balance and […]
Source : | 15-Dec-2018 00:03

Amazon Echo speakers now play friendly with Apple Music
Amazon recently said Apple Music would find its way onto Amazon Echo devices sometime soon — and sure enough, it appears to be rolling out now.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 22:29

?donald? debuts at No. 23 on worst passwords of 2018 list
Almost 10 percent of people on the interwebs used at least one of the 25 worst passwords on SplashData’s annual list, which was released this week. And nearly three percent of you are still using “123456,” the worst password of the entire ranking. The eighth annual list of worst passwords of the year is based […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 22:01

Google agrees not to sell facial recognition tech, citing abuse potential
In recent months, pressure has been mounting for major tech firms to develop strong policies regarding facial recognition. Microsoft has helped lead the way on that front, promising to put in place stricter policies, calling for greater regulation and asking fellow companies to follow suit. Hidden toward the end of a blog post about using […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 21:39

Lime continues to battle San Francisco?s electric scooter decision
Electric scooter and bike-share company Lime is not giving up on San Francisco. This afternoon, Lime plans to protest on the steps of SF City Hall to petition the city’s scooter selection process. “We are calling the SFMTA to expand equitable transportation options throughout the City by allowing more choice and greater options, by requiring […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 21:30

Disney?s invested in educational gaming app Kahoot, now at a $376M valuation
When Kahoot, the startup that operates a popular platform for user-generated educational gaming, raised $15 million in October of this year, we mentioned that Disney had a stake in the company by way of the Disney Accelerator, and it had an option to become a larger shareholder if it exercised its warrants. Now with some […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 20:29

Niantic reportedly raising $200M at $3.9B valuation
Pokémon GO creator Niantic is raising a $200 million Series C at a valuation of $3.9 billion, according to a report from Katie Roof at the WSJ. The round is expected to be led by IVP with participation from Samsung and aXiomatic Gaming. The upcoming raise would bring the company’s total funding to $425 million, according to […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 20:07

Existential education error: Failing to train students on software
Although many of the milestones of the digital revolution have sprung directly from the research output of America’s colleges and universities, on the instructional side, American higher education has taken a laid-back approach.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 19:30

Pimcore closes $3.5M for its open-source data platform to expand in the US
Pimcore, an open-source platform for data and customer experience management which has emerged out of Austria, has closed $3.5 million in a Series A funding led by German Auctus Capital Partners AG. The funding will be used for its U.S. expansion. Pimcore is aimed at any channel, device or industry that wants to manage its […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 19:16

Goldex raises $1M for its marketplace app for ?ethical? physical gold trading
Goldex, a trading app that claims to power so-called “ethical pricing” for retail gold investments, says it has now raised more than £1 million ($1.25 million) in a pre-Series A round led by a group of angels and institutional investors. Amongst those participating in the round are Prepaid Financial Services (a European payment card issuer); […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 19:01

Nvidia?s limited China connections
Another round of followups on Nvidia, and then some short news analysis. TechCrunch is experimenting with new content forms. This is a rough draft of something new – provide your feedback directly to the author (Danny at if you like or hate something here. Nvidia / TSMC questions Following up on my analyses this […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:56

Robinhood said to not be properly insured to offer checking & savings
Robinhood’s new high-interest, zero-fee checking and savings feature seems to be too good to be true. Users’ money may not be fully protected. The CEO of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, a nonprofit membership corporation that insures stock brokerages, tells TechCrunch its insurance would not apply to checking and savings accounts the way Robinhood claims. “Robinhood […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:47

The new Palm is almost the MP3 player I want
The iPod Classic still looms larger as my favorite gadget of all time. Sure, plenty have lapped the device in terms of technology, while any lingering concerns about not owning the music I listen to have faded for the ubiquity of Spotify, but the iPod lives on in the perfect sweet spot for my own […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:23

Facebook open-sources PyText NLP framework
Facebook AI Research is open-sourcing some of the conversational AI tech it is using to power its Portal video chat display and M suggestions on Facebook Messenger. The company announced today that its PyTorch-based PyText NLP framework is now available to developers. Natural language processing deals with how systems parse human language and are able […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 18:08

Starbucks adding delivery services to more than 2,000 stores via Uber Eats
Starbucks is expanding its partnership with Uber Eats to more than 2,000 stores in the United States next year, about a quarter of all of the company’s locations in the country. The relationship bolsters Uber’s mission for its on-demand food delivery service, Eats. Uber has said it plans to cover more than 70 percent of […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 17:25

GE?s digital future looking murkier with move to spin off Industrial IoT biz
When I visited the GE Global Research Center in Niskayuna, New York in April 2017, I thought I saw a company that was working hard to avoid disruption, but perhaps the leafy campus, the labs and experimental projects hid much larger problems inside the company. Yesterday GE announced that it is spinning out its Industrial IoT […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 17:07

Last call for Polish pitch-offs
I’m heading back to Europe to hang out in Wroclaw and Warsaw so it’s last call for pitch-off applications. I’ll be at a Wroclaw event, called In-Ference, which is happening on December 17; you can submit to pitch here. The team will notify you if you have been chosen. The winner will receive a table at TC […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 16:56

9 smart gifts for a smarter home
Smart home items make great gifts and what follows are some of the best. From faster Wifi to smart meat thermometers, there’s something here for everyone on your list. I use everything listed here and can attest to their quality. That’s important to me. I’m not going to recommend something I do not use. Throughout […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 16:47

UK video games workers unionize over ?wide-scale exploitation? and diversity issues
Working in video games might sound like a dream job to a 12-year-old Fortnight-loving kid but the day-to-day reality of grinding in the industry can be as unrelenting as fighting an end of level baddie. Games devs are routinely corralled to ‘crunch’ to hit sequential release target deadlines to ensure a project gets delivered on […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 12:46

China?s BYD further drives into Chile with 100 electric buses
Over the past few years, Chinese automaker giant BYD has been on a partnership spree with cities across China to electrify their public transportation systems, and now it’s extending its footprint across the globe. On Thursday, BYD announced that it has shipped 100 electric buses to Santiago, the capital city of Chile. The step marks […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 11:42

Jack Dorsey and Twitter ignored opportunity to meet with civic group on Myanmar issues
Responding to criticism from his recent trip to Myanmar, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said he’s keen to learn about the country’s racial tension and human rights atrocities, but it has emerged that both he and Twitter’s public policy team ignored an opportunity to connect with a key civic group in the country. A loose group […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 10:25

International money transfer company TransferGo scores $17.6M Series B
TransferGo, the London-based international money transfer startup, has raised just over $17.6 million in Series B funding, including an earlier tranche of funding closed in May. The round is led by Vostok Emerging Finance, and Silicon Valley’s Hard Yaka, with participation from Revo Capital, U-Start Club, and Practica Capital. The figure also includes around $830,000 […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 10:00

Netflix is testing a new feature that lets you instantly replay scenes (for some reason)
Netflix loves to test new ideas, and its latest experiment is an odd new feature that lets viewers watch a scene again. A selection of Netflix subscribers noticed the new addition, which serves a pop-up asking if they want to “watch this scene again” after certain ‘highlight’ scenes in a show. The streaming giant confirmed […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 06:02

A former Ofo exec is launching his own scooter startup
With €20 million in VC backing, Dott plans to release a fleet of multi-colored e-scooters in Paris in early-2019.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 06:00

LemonBox, which brings US vitamins to Chinese consumers, raises $2M
LemonBox, a Chinese e-commerce startup that imports vitamins and health products from the US, has raised $2 million to develop its business. The company graduated from Y Combinator’s most recent program in the U.S. and, fuelled by the demo day, it has pulled in the new capital from 10 investors which include Partech, Tekton Ventures, […]
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 05:00

Distinguished VCs back wholesale marketplace Faire with $100M at a $535M valuation
Kirsten Green of Forerunner Ventures, Keith Rabois of Khosla, Alfred Lin of Sequoia and Alex Taussig of Lightspeed are backers of Faire.
Source : | 14-Dec-2018 01:14

Anki?s Vector is getting Alexa access next week
Vector’s already got the adorable bit down, courtesy of a team staffed by former Pixar and DreamWorks animators. But Anki’s grownup version of Cozmo can use a bit of help when it comes to smarts. Starting next week, the desktop robot will be able to tap into Amazon Alexa’s deep base of answers. The new […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 23:56

IMAX pulls the plug on its dream of VR arcades
The company behind the biggest screens in cinema is giving up on bringing VR screens within a few inches of users’ faces. The company announced today in a SEC filing that it will be shutting down its three remaining virtual reality centers including its flagship location in Los Angeles. Via the filing: In connection with […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 23:55

These face-generating systems are getting rather too creepily good for my liking
Machine learning models are getting quite good at generating realistic human faces — so good that I may never trust a machine, or human, to be real ever again. The new approach, from researchers at Nvidia, leapfrogs others by separating levels of detail in the faces and allowing them to be tweaked separately. The results […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 23:23

Online ads and games would benefit from more rewards, according to UCLA survey
A new study from Versus Systems and the MEMES (Management of Enterprise in Media, Entertainment & Sports) Center at UCLA’s Anderson School of Management examines how gaming and advertising are evolving, and how one influences the other. As Versus Systems CEO Matthew Pierce put it, the goal was to study, “What is the impact on […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 23:18

Tumblr?s back in the App Store following porn ban announcement
Tumblr is back. Sort of. The social blogging platform reappeared on Apple’s App Store this week, some three weeks after being pulled over child pornography concerns. Ten days ago, the company adopted a scorched earth response to the issue, announcing a blanket ban on adult material as part of a “better, more positive Tumblr.” The […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 23:12

Powering customer journeys in the age of AI
With an API strategy in place, businesses can start to realize the full potential AI has to offer.
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 23:00

US intelligence community says quantum computing and artificial intelligence pose an ?emerging threat? to national security
It’s not often you can put nuclear weapons, terrorism and climate change on the same list as quantum computing, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, but the U.S. government believes all pose an “emerging threat” to its national security. Several key agencies in the U.S. intelligence community were asked what they saw as long-term threats […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 22:56

Scammers are sending bomb scares to nab BTC
A new scam is making the rounds that promises to disrupt countless offices and schools. The scam is simple: the scammers send an email threatening to detonate a bomb if they don’t get a certain amount of Bitcoin within a specified time frame. Because there is little upside to ignoring a bomb threat at this […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 22:09

This early GDPR adtech strike puts the spotlight on consent
What does consent as a valid legal basis for processing personal data look like under Europe’s updated privacy rules? It may sound like an abstract concern but for online services that rely on things being done with user data in order to monetize free-to-access content this is a key question now the region’s General Data Protection […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 22:03

The annual PornHub year in review tells us what we?re really looking at online
PornHub, a popular site that features people in various stages of undress, saw 33.5 billion visits in 2018. There are currently 7.53 billion people on Earth. Y’all have been busy. The company, which owns most of the major porn sites online, produces a yearly report that aggregates user behavior on the site. Of particular interest, […]
Source : | 13-Dec-2018 21:46

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